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Jobst Compression Hosiery

Causes and risk factors of venous disorders:
– heredity
– lack of exercise
– age
– pregnancy
– tight-fitting clothing
– high-heeled shoes
– obesity
– alcohol consumption during air travel
– hot baths and excessive exposure to the sun
– dehydration

How you can help maintain good leg health
– Elevate feet and legs
– When resting, elevate your feet above your heart, keeping
your knees bent slightly so as not to inhibit blood flow
– Avoid crossing your legs, since this interferes with circulation.

Move your Feet
-When sitting or standing for long periods of time, especially during travel, wiggle your toes, flex your feet or tighten your calf muscles to improve blood flow
-Improve your circulation by starting a regimen of walking, swimming or other aerobic activity

Wear JOBST Gradient Compression Legwear
-Check with your healthcare insurance provider- your policy MAY cover some or all of the cost of your JOBST Compression Legwear.

Precision Therapy with Gradient Compression

Gradient compression applies a measured amount of compression to your leg as the basis for the management of venous disorders. Gradient compression legwear applies the most pressure at the ankle and then lessens this pressure up the length of the leg. This helps the blood in your veins flow back toward your hear, even if your veins and valves are damaged. Gradient compression therapy can help manage and prevent the progression of vein-related disorders.

JOBST Ready-to-Wear Compression Therapy products are available in four compression levels: 8-15, 15-20, 20-30 and 30-40 mmHg. Jobst Custom Garments can be ordered at a compression level: 20-90+ mmgh. The right compression level helps ensure that your venous condition is managed effectively.

JOBST Compression Therapy products are available in many styles, fabrics, sizes, and colors, to meet the activity and lifestyle needs of today’s Men and Women.

How do we get started?

Your doctor may give you a prescription that will have a compression he or she would like you to wear.
Special note if you would like us to bill insurance you must have a prescription
You do not have to have a prescription to purchase Jobst stockings
-If billing Medicare Insurance please bring your Red White and Blue card with you to the appointment. Jobst stockings are billing under DME products.
-all other insurance companies we will paper bill your insurance. This could take 6 to 8 weeks for your insurance to get back to you.
Payments are due the day you receive the garment.

You will need to set an appointment with our Certified Fitter.
РAppointments are always in the morning, 8 am or 8:30 am, Monday thru Friday For correct sizing of your legs before any swelling will take place. Best to elevate legs before appointments to ensure proper fitting.
– Certified fitter will measure you to determine correct sizing. Only the 8-15 compression goes by shoe size.
– We carry a large selection of stockings here in the store, if we do not have the size you need we will order the product in for you. Orders are in within 7 business days.
– Need Custom size, we offer that service also. Call for more details.

Our Certified Fitters will work with you on how to put your compression stockings on and off. We also offer Sock Aids to assist at home. We are here for any questions you may have. It is a pleasure to work with you and want only the best care for you and your new garment.