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Come check out our Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes and be fitted by one of our certified fitters! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

How it works:

If we are billing to Medicare or any insurance we will need a prescription from the doctor that manages your diabetes. We will also fax your doctor the paperwork we will need for Medicare (or you may pick up a packet from us to bring to your doctor to fill out and bring back to us).

Once we get the paperwork, one of our certified fitters will set up an appointment with you to be fitted. All appointments are made for the afternoon to ensure proper fitting. At this appointment the fitter will measure your foot, take a look at your feet for a quick evaluation and help you pick out a pair of shoes. A foam imprint mold of your foot will also be made at this appointment if your doctor had ordered custom inserts. We then send your order for shoes and inserts to Dr. Comfort which is located right here in Wisconsin.

For shoes with custom inserts please allow about 2 weeks for your order to come back to us. For shoes with heat-moldable inserts please allow about a week.

Once we receive your shoe order your fitter will give you a call and set up another afternoon appointment. At this time your fitter will ensure that your shoes properly fit and that you are satisfied with your new shoes. If your doctor had ordered the heat-moldable inserts your fitter will do the heat treatment on all the inserts that were ordered at this time.

Your fitter will follow up with you in about a week after you have received your shoes. You will not have to come in for this. This is usually just a phone call to make sure you are still satisfied with your shoes and to make sure there aren’t any issues that you are having with them. Do not hesitate to come in or give us a call if you are having any issues with them at any time.  We are always here to help you.